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Press Relations

At the heart of the French speaking Medias,
B Consulting will work closely with you to help raise the visibility of your organization and develop your influence.

Social Networks

B Consulting can define your social media strategy and capitalize on new opportunities to create and promote dialogue with your audience.

Content Creation

B Consulting can generate editorial and branded material that reaches your customers. Opportunities include developing blog content, newsletters, bylined articles, case studies.

Who are we ?

Since 1992, B Consulting has been managing media relations for top-tier national and international corporations.

Founder Patrick Becker acted as Sales and Marketing Manager for international high-tech corporations for 15 years before creating his own press relations agency in response to the perceived need to offer a PR service combining technological intimacy with communication expertise.

Press relations have changed over the years. Our services include authoring press releases, translating/adapting foreign press releases, organizing interviews with leading journalists, and writing opinion columns geared towards specific news items, not to forget setting up media events and providing assistance at trade shows. But PR services in today’s world also involve enhancing your e-reputation across social networks, an area in which we can also deliver the same support.

Building on our PR expertise by leveraging our familiarity with technical terminology, we also assist them with social networks, drafting and translating marketing documents into French, adding to their web content, their PR events, e-mailings and search engine optimization.

We serve as the interface between innovative companies and their audiences, including users, businesses, journalists and analysts.

Our strength: our understanding of Enterprises applications and core businesses.


B2B PR Agency, with a strong emphasis on technology and telecommunications

Since its beginning, B Consulting has specialized in IT and telecommunications, providing PR advice to companies operating in these sectors. 80% of our references are high tech players we promoted or made known in France. We are familiar with journalists covering these topics in France as well as in French-speaking Switzerland and Belgium. We cooperate with partners to communicate on an international level.

B Consulting is recognized for its knowledge of IT and telecoms. The PR Agency is familiar with the appropriate technical vocabulary, knows how to explain new products, features and technologies to the media, following a didactic way. We work hand in hand with the sales and marketing teams of our customers, providing them with our PR know-how and consulting services with regards to communication oriented topics raising the journalists’ interest. We know how to activate our network of reporters to reach target audiences through the media.


A Managing Director who formerly served as a Sales Manager and Marketing Director

Before founding his own PR agency, the managing director Patrick Becker held the positions of Sales and Marketing Director at international high tech companies for fifteen years. He then felt the need to offer PR services combining the understanding of technology with communication skills.

Thanks to his former role as a Country Manager of French subsidiaries, he is well aware of the challenges foreign companies are facing when wishing to set up their business in France, looking to gain market confidence by notoriety and rapid credibility through media coverage.

Thanks to his former role as a Sales Manager, Patrick understands how big an impact press relations can have to raise interest on the market, promote new technology, and keep (potential) customers informed by maintaining a regular presence in the media.

Thanks to his former role as Marketing Director at software vendors seeking to consolidate their position on the French market, Patrick is well appreciated for being a partner excelling by his sense of communication and PR approach with regards to highly competitive or innovative issues.


Offering quality PR services

PR has evolved over the years. We provide traditional press relations services such as writing press releases, translating and localizing foreign language text, organizing interviews or press briefings with leading journalists, writing opinion pieces, by-lined articles and case studies, managing press events, offering trade show support, as well as suggesting the right angle to bounce on news.

We also support our customers with regards to their digital communication.

Our customers appreciate our strong writing skills resulting in an ongoing media coverage, our understanding of their products or services, our wise advice in terms of the right topics to communicate on, as well as our responsiveness and the quality of our daily service.


Proactive and dynamic

Always on the lookout for news, B Consulting is a dynamic and proactive PR agency. We act as an engine for regular communication, in connection with the topics being.

We wisely use Newsjacking, checking the topics that make the headlines.


PR and social media

Today, PR extends its area of influence to social media where journalists are particularly active. We support our customers in creating their accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social networks, we recruit followers and manage multiple networks.

By managing our customers’ communication, we are well placed to act on social networks.

We feed our customers’ social networks with some tweets per week, communicating both on their news and on market topics. The purpose of social media management is to keep connected with the followers, becoming a source of reliable and relevant information in their respective industries.

In addition, social networks are another way to get in contact with the journalists.


Content creation

Specialized in creating the appropriate content for journalists, B Consulting proposes to also produce valuable content for your

websites / blogs / newsletters / marketing brochures and flyers

by editing or translating content. As for web content, our teams are aware of the respective SEO requirements in order to optimize the site.

Based on our experience and our understanding of technical terms, we can also extend our services beyond PR, by writing and translating your marketing material and case studies into French. Furthermore, we are able to provide you with additional content for your website, with e-mailing services, as well as advice on your website SEO.

Moreover, our offering also comprises filming corporate events or conducting video interviews, either for internal use or for re-use in marketing presentations or online.

As a PR agency that delivers creative content and manages social networks we are the interface between innovative companies and their stakeholders: users, candidates, customers, prospects, investors, public authorities, journalists and analysts.

By means of communication, we increase the reputation of our customers. We help adding credibility to their statements and are able to provide the relevant media space.


Our strength: Understanding your applications and your business activities

B Consulting’s mission: to create your content, to increase your influence.

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